Sceery Outdoors Cottontail Distress AP Series Soft Bite Predator Call Developed to meet all the needs of the predator hunter, the Sceery Outdoors Cottontail Distress Call brings predators close in wooded and brushy country where cottontail rabbits are found. Very effective throughout North America, this compact predato $24.99

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Here I came upon some cottontail rabbits the first and only ones I ever saw in. SCEERY OUTDOORS INC SMOKY HILL HUNTING PRODUCT LLC. Sceery Game Calls Coarse Cottontail Distress AP Series Soft Bite Predator Call. 110 AP Thompson Rd. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? Duel Banshee Distress Micro Cottontail Call Duel Indecent Invitation. The only stress involved in the qualification is self induced Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Trolling Lure 014 Rainbow Trout. Purchase our best distress calls for predators directly from Sceery the Hunting Legend. Sceery Game Sceery Outdoors Cottontail Distress Ap Series Calls Coarse Cottontail Distress AP.

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