Chompers Skirted Football Jig 34 oz Missouri Craw Effective when fished along or paired with a plastic trailer, Chompers Skirted Football Jigs feature chip resistant, football shaped heads which help them bounce along the bottom without rolling or snagging. A sharp VMC Hook forms the business end of $5.99

Size Price Qty Chompers Super Jig Trailers 4 Dark Melon Pepper.

Jig Trailer Sale Save 0.

The Picasso Fantasy Football Jig has an almost completely recessed line tie to assure the jig.

Brown Red Craw. Chompers Skirted Football Jigs Sale Save 0.

Heres one beauty of a premium jig rig. This gives the skirt and plastic trailer more action to entice a bass to strike.

Keitech Model II Tungsten Football Jig oz Fishing Peach Fly. Mustad Ultra Point hooks are the backbone of this popular. Chompers Skirted Football Jig 1 oz.

Islander Center Console Fishing Boat like Fountain Contender Donzi Yellowfin. Mustad Ultra Point 0 Hook for Sweeping Hook Sets High Quality Powder Coat Protection Triple Grip Trailer Keeper Strand Silicone Flash Skirt Assembled.

You cant find em looking any better than this. Description. Buy the Chompers Skirted Football Jigs and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops.

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